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Advanced Lower Quarter MSI Course 

Registration is open! (pre-requisite for this course is understanding of lumbar MSI syndromes).  Early Bird Registration ended 9/3/2023.  

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Familiar with lumbar MSI syndromes but want to put it all together with the hip interactions? This course is for you!  

One of the characteristics of the Movement System Impairment Syndromes is the systematic examination and assessing the whole body.  Hip joint and surrounding musculature have a huge influence on the lumbar spine, knee, and ankle.  This advanced course will be very focused on the femoral and hip MSI syndromes.  

What's included in the 

Advanced Lower Quarter MSI Course

Hybrid learning for your convenience!  

The Advanced Lower Quarter MSI Course is open to physical therapists (PT)  and physicians (MD) who are already familiar with the lumbar Movement System Impairment Syndromes concepts.  If you have never taken any MSI course, you are required to register for the Introduction to MSI Syndromes of Lumbar Spine.

  • 9/30 ~ 10/1/2023 two days of intensive learning on femoral and hip movement system impairment syndromes

  • Optional 3rd day, 1:1 session with world class faculty
  • Choice of attending onsite in St. Louis Missouri, or attending virtually from anywhere in the world

  • Learn the systematic examination of the lower quarter, with specific attention to the hip joint

  • 14¬†hours of learning (2 day course) or 19.75 hours of learning (3 day course)

  • We highly recommend that you come to St. Louis for HANDS-ON systematic examination practice with the experienced instructors

  • 3 months access to the recordings from the live lectures / demonstrations
  • Free attendance for the Sahrmann Lectureship (Friday 9/29/2023).¬†¬†This year, we have Dr. RobRoy Martin from Duquesne University speaking about:¬†The Movement System in Non-Arthritic Hip Pain!
Register for the pre-requisite Lumbar course

Pre-Recorded Videos

You will always have access to the Lower Quarter Basics course for reviewing the key MSI principles, and systematic examination videos. 

World-Class Instructors

You are learning from physical therapists who have been developing the MSI Syndromes framework for decades, and the instructors trusted by the core faculty.

Evidence Based

We now know so much more about the hip joint compared to when the first MSI textbook was published back in 2002!

Onsite Perks

Attending onsite?  You will experience intimate hands-on lab (2 participants to 1 instructor with a pain subject), as well as a small group lab (10 participants to 1 instructor).  Lunches and special swags are included, as well!

Virtual Perks

Skip the airport hassle, and save time & money on travels / hotel / meals by joining us from the comfort of your home!  Virtual "lab" hours are carefully designed to be interactive, and will help you become skilled at movement analysis (no more than 10:1 student faculty ratio in virtual "labs"). 

Get Your Skills Checked!

Develop confidence by practicing the systematic examination and diagnosing the movement system on all of your patients.  And the best way to know how you are improving, is to get tested in person!

Advanced Lower Quarter MSI Course Description


Format: HYBRID


9/30/2023 ~ 10/1/2023 (optional 10/2/2023)


4444 Forest Park Ave, St. Louis MO 63108



9am ~ 5pm central time for all days

The 2-day hybrid advanced course consists of lectures and related research about movement system impairment (MSI) syndromes of the hip. Having taken the lumbar MSI course, participants will focus their learning on femoral and hip MSI syndromes, hip-specific tests, and associated interactions with lumbar spine / knee.  Onsite participants will have guided hands-on lab sessions, while virtual participants will have guided postural / movement analysis lab in small groups to practice skills in examination and diagnosis.

Detailed findings from the systematic exam will be tied into functional tasks using a progressive programming. 

For onsite participants, there is an option for staying one extra day (October 2, 2023) for a practical exam day.  This is a wonderful chance for you to formally get assessed on your examination skill, identification of movement system diagnosis, ability to state the contributing factors, and demonstrate the treatment ideas.  

Course Objectives & Schedule

We have a well-balanced schedule with lectures and lab sessions (virtual participants, you will have a chance to interact with instructors in small groups)!  

Download Objectives & Schedule

Recommended Reading:

  •  Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes by Shirley Sahrmann

  • Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines by Sahrmann and Associates
  • Muscles: Testing and Function, with Posture and Pain by Florence Peterson Kendall and Elizabeth Kendall McCreary (5th edition)
  • Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System: Foundation for Rehabilitation by Donald Neumann


Required preparation:

All participants of the Advanced course will be expected to be familiar with the Lumbar Spine MSI Syndromes, and study the Lower Quarter Basics (free course).


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We will be applying for CEU's through the California PT Association for the hours listed in the proposed course schedule.    

VIRTUAL Participation


  • Front row view of all of the live demonstrations
  • Interactive breakout rooms to improve your movement analysis skill and clinical reasoning
  • Access to recorded lectures and live demonstrations for 3 months
  • Save on travel / hotel / meal costs
  • Freedom to ask questions in chat any time during the event
  • Free attendance for the Sahrmann Lectureship on 9/29/2023
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ONSITE Participation 2 days



  • 2:1 ratio lab experience AND...
  • 10:1 ratio small group lab experience¬†
  • Access to recorded lectures and live demonstrations for 3 months
  • Lunch included both days
  • Meet the world-class instructors in person
  • Swags for onsite attendees only!
  • Free attendance for the Sahrmann Lectureship on 9/29/2023
ONSITE registration (2 days) SOLD OUT

ONSITE Participation 3 days


  • Everything included from the ONSITE participation PLUS...
  • Practical exam to get your skills checked 
  • Receive feedback on your current strengths and areas of improvement
  • There's nothing like getting the repetitions with the faculty right there with you!!
ONSITE registration (3 days) SOLD OUT

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