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Advanced LQ MSI Syndromes Course 9/30~10/1/2023

Advanced Lower Quarter MSI Syndromes

2-day hybrid course (come to St. Louis or attend virtually) deep dive into femoral / hip syndromes. You'll also learn about tibiofemoral rotation syndrome and get a taste of Movement Spectrum.









Registration closed (recording will be available at a later date)

Professionals and the general population are ALL excited!

On 8/4/2023, Dr. Shirley Sahrmann's episode was released on the Tim Ferriss Show.  Since millions of people listen to his podcast, the idea of using movement as medicine is buzzing.  After only 3 days of release, the YouTube video already has 12K views.  As of 8/12/23, it has almost doubled to 23,700 views.  Incredible!!  It shows you how many people are suffering from low back pain, and how nicely Shirley explained Tim's pain issue.  I'm purposely putting the link to the YouTube (not the blog / audio file) because you can appreciate the alignment / movement patterns better.  Enjoy!  

Tim Ferriss Show: Dr. Shirley Sahrmann

Are you looking for skilled physical therapists? 

Thanks to each and every one of you for watching / listening to this wonderful podcast episode.  Due to the high number of inquiries sent to Learn Movement System, looking for physical therapists who treat using the Movement System Impairment concepts, we are creating the long-awaited directory of MSI practitioners.  Hopefully, you can find someone in your area, or request telehealth appointments. 


MSI Practitioners Directory

Freedom to sign up for your course of interest!

You might already be familiar with the lumbar spine MSI syndromes but want to just take the Advanced MSI course on femoral / hip syndromes.  Or you want a bite-size session on evidence or lumbar case report webinars!  The best value is signing up for the bundle package, but you can join us in any of these courses individually!

Individual webinar registration is ready!

Summer Webinar #1

Tuesday July 18, 2023 from 6pm central time.  Dr. Shirley Sahrmann presents the evidence for Movement System Impairment concepts (1.5 hour webinar).  Registration: $30 

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Summer Webinar #2

Tuesday August 15, 2023 from 6pm central time.  Dr. Nancy Bloom and Dr. Shirley Sahrmann will present one of the lumbar spine MSI syndrome case study (1.5 hour webinar).  Registration: $30

Registration has closed

Summer Webinar #3

Tuesday September 19, 2023 from 6pm central time.  Dr. Suzy Cornbleet and Dr. Shirley Sahrmann will present a different lumbar spine MSI syndrome case (1.5 hour webinar).  Registration: $30

Register for Summer Webinar #3

Advanced Hip MSI course

You can register for this hybrid course without having to commit to the June lumbar MSI course or the webinar series. Early registration: $400 virtual / $500 onsite

Registration is now open!!!

Registration closed

Introduction to Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Lumbar Spine  


Couldn't join us in this live 2-day VIRTUAL course?  Not to worry!  Due to popular request for the recording access, YOU CAN STILL PURCHASE THIS COURSE!  Get your 90-day access to this packed course.  Key concepts, as well as many onsite demonstrations will be presented.  Hip and lumbar spine interactions will be discussed.     

90-day access to Recordings!

2023 Bundle Packages


Save more with BUNDLE!

  • Recorded lectures / demonstrations of Introduction to MSI Syndromes of Lumbar Spine (6/10 & 6/11)
  • Summer Webinar #1
  • Summer Webinar #2
  • Summer Webinar #3
  • Advanced Lower Quarter MSI course (9/30 & 10/1) virtual or onsite in St. Louis
  • Optional practical exam day (10/2)
Please wait until 10/9 to purchase all recordings

Want access to ALL?  Get the bundle package so you don't miss a thing!

Whether you are local in St. Louis to join the live course or studying on the other side of the globe, Learn Movement System makes it easy for you to access the materials.  For the most motivated professional like you, the bundle package gives you all access.

Pioneering the 

Movement System

Washington University in St. Louis has been the leader in promoting the human movement system.  LearnMovementSystem is your central resource for deepening your understanding of the Movement System Impairment Syndromes and the management of these movement conditions.

World Class Faculty

You will get to learn from the faculty and associates who have been developing the MSI concept for decades, and from the next generation of MSI instructors trusted by the faculty.

Meet the faculty

Copious Amount of Contents

We know you are hungry for quality education.  Let the online content enhance your onsite learning, or take advantage of the hybrid course format to access live events from anywhere in the world.

Free courses

Evidence Based

At the core of pursuing the human movement system is the curious mindset of physical therapists who want to understand the scientific basis of why we do what we do.  

Summer Webinar
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Understand the WHY!


There are plenty of con ed courses that focus on treatments.  But do you know why you are using them?  At Learn Movement System, we provide evidence-based and basic scientific knowledge to figure out the underlying problems.  You will understand why you learned what you originally learned in PT school!


Origin of MSI

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