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  • Movement System Syndromes of the Knee ($75 value)
  • Movement System Syndromes of the Foot/Ankle ($75 value)
  • Upper Quarter Movement System Syndromes Foundation Webinar Series ($250 value)
  • Movement System Syndromes of the Shoulder ($450 value)
  • Shoulder evidence webinar ($50 value)
  • Movement System Syndromes of the Shoulder and Cervical Spine ($450 value)
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In the past, Nexus Motion has provided individual registrations and bundle deals.  Starting in 2024, ALL ACCESS gives you the best value for elevating your ability to analyze and treat movement system syndromes.  Currently, we have $1,350 worth of courses planned.  Next year, there will be new topics covered!  It really is like the Netflix of Movement System.  We are aware that this is not the only place for you to get unlimited access to online courses.  What makes Learn Movement System so special is that every instructor understands the core theme of kinesiopathologic concepts. 

There's consistency throughout all the learning opportunities at Learn Movement System.  Important principles get reinforced as you navigate through different body parts.  That's the Learn Movement System advantage!

What past course participants have said about Learn Movement System courses:

"Watching patient evaluations done and being able to discuss any questions the audience has is very helpful."

"The breakout sessions were valuable.  Participants could discuss more things in an intimate group setting with experienced instructors, and have a better understanding behind the kinesiopathologic principles.  It is a great way to learn how to be a better observer of movement."

"The more I attend these courses, I am starting to see things more clearly. I am so grateful to be able to participate virtually and still gain so much from these courses!

Learn Movement System is closely associated with Washington University in St. Louis, Program in Physical Therapy.  If you are an alumnus of WUPT, please email [email protected] with your proof of graduation from WUPT.  We will be able to provide an even deeper discount for you.

What past course participants have said about Learn Movement System courses:

"Having access to so many instructors, in breakout groups as well as in the large group. So much information gathered from some of the best minds in the PT profession."

"The course contents were well organized and were thorough in the information and examination. I liked very much the integration of ADLs in screening and designing exercises for the clients. I feel this approach of integration of ADLs in the treatment plan will empower client to adhere to the exercise program and achieve their goals and functional independence. Thank you so much team for the wonderful learning opportunity provided to learn in the virtual platform from professional stalwarts."