MSI Syndromes of the Upper Quarter

Advanced Applications

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Tired of patients coming back with the same pain?


You may have all the tools in your toolbox already.  But how do you know which ones to use?  Despite performing a specific technique flawlessly, the patient's pain returns after a while.  MSI Syndromes courses are for you if you want to understand the underlying problems of patients with musculoskeletal pain. 

If you understand the reasons why that patient is having pain, then the treatments will become crystal clear: because you're diagnosing their movement system problems.  Why did we go to school for a long time?  We are the experts in the movement system.  Let's figure out why we learned all those basic sciences back when we were in school.  

If you're just starting out as a new physical therapist, let's get a good habit of constantly asking yourself the "WHY?" questions.  MSI Syndromes of the Upper Quarter: Advanced Applications will help you establish excellent clinical reasonings related to the upper extremity musculoskeletal pain problems.

Specifically focused on the shoulder, cervical and thoracic spine 

Learn from the world-class instructors on-site in St. Louis, or virtually from anywhere in the world.  Come and learn the systematic examination of the upper extremities and understand the Movement System diagnoses.

What's included in the 

MSI Syndromes of Upper Quarter: Advanced Applications 2022

Live 2-day weekend course with TONS of online learning.

The Advanced Applications course is open only to physical therapists (PT) and physicians (MD) who are already familiar with the basic Movement System Impairment Syndromes concept. 

  • Choice of attending onsite in St. Louis, Missouri, OR attending virtually from anywhere in the world
  • Over 1 hour of UQ introductory lecture by Dr. Shirley Sahrmann
  • 2.5 hours of Scapular Syndromes lecture by Dr. Caldwell
  • 1 hour of Humeral Syndromes lecture by Dr. Ivens
  • This course only!! 80 minutes of Cervical Spine Syndromes lecture by Dr. McDonnell (plus bonus TMJ lecture included!)
  • This course only!!  Additional pre-recorded lectures on abdominals, thoracic spine, and motor learning (2 hours content) by Dr. Cornbleet, Dr. Spitznagle, and Dr. Lang
  • Over 13 hours of live lectures and lab
  • We highly recommend that you come to St. Louis for HANDS-ON systematic examination practice with experienced instructors
  • 3 months access to the recordings from the live lectures
  • Free attendance for the Sahrmann Lectureship (Friday 9/30/22).  This year's lecture will be delivered by Dr. Gwendolen Jull.  

It has typically been a SOLD OUT event every year, so mark your calendar and register to secure your spot!

Pre-Recorded Videos

In addition to the free 4.5 hour content for the upper quarter lectures, you are getting additional 3.5 hours of pre-recorded content before even attending the live course in October!

World-Class Instructors

You are learning from physical therapists who have been developing the MSI Syndromes framework for decades, and the instructors trusted by the core faculty.

Evolving Content

Taken an MSI Syndromes course before?  Scapular syndromes are evolving, and new content such as the Movement Spectrum (by Dr. Robbie Ohashi) and applications to sports are being added to this brand new Advanced Application course! 

Onsite Perks

Attending in-person?  You will get to experience intimate hands-on lab (2 participants to 1 instructor), as well as a small group lab (10 participants to 1 instructor).  Lunches and special swags are included, as well!

Virtual Perks

Skip the airport hassle, and save time & money on travels / hotel / meals by joining us from the comfort of your home!  Virtual "lab" hours are carefully designed to be interactive, and will help you become skilled at movement analysis (no more than 10 participants to 1 instructor in virtual "lab"). 

Learn and Review

Will you have access to the 2-day course recordings?  Of course!  In addition to the 8 hours of pre-recorded videos, the live lectures and demonstrations (labs are NOT recorded) during the weekend will be recorded.  You have 3 months access to learn and review for deeper understanding of the movement system.

Course Description

This 2-day Advanced Applications course provides instruction in the concepts and application of the examination and diagnosis of movement system impairment syndromes of the scapula, humerus, and cervical spine. The neuromuscu­loskeletal adaptations associated with these syndromes are discussed.


October 1~2, 2022


4444 Forest Park Blvd, St. Louis MO 63108

Participants have two options for attending this course, onsite or virtual. In preparation for this course, all participants will be required to review prerecorded lectures including the Upper Quarter Basics free course. During the live event, additional lectures will be given to enhance the understanding of the prerecorded materials. All participants will receive instruction for the performance of specific tests that constitute the movement examination for these regions. The examination includes assessment of tissue impairments and their specific role affecting the alteration of precise movement of the shoulder and neck. Considerations for the influence of the thoracic spine on the shoulder and neck are included. The participant is guided in integrating the results of the tests to determine a diagnosis. Discussion will take place to explain how the diagnosis and examination results provide the guidelines for treatment.

Onsite participants will practice movement examination with immediate feedback provided by faculty (10 participants per 1 instructor) and, in a small group (2 participants per 1 instructor), perform a complete exam on a volunteer with pain in the neck or shoulder region.

Virtual participants will observe and engage in patient examinations performed by faculty, as well as participate in interactive breakout rooms (no more than 10 participants per 1 instructor) to practice movement analysis.


After completing the course, participants will:

1) Understand the Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the shoulder, cervical spine, and thoracic spine

2) Develop manual skills of test performance

3) Have the ability to accurately interpret test results

4) Incorporate motor learning principles to enhance patient learning

5) Collate the findings to support a movement system diagnosis

6) Discuss the contributing factors to the movement system diagnosis

7) Understand the basic concept of Movement Spectrum and how it relates to shoulder MSI diagnoses

Detailed Schedule

Click below to download the 2-day live event schedule.  Over 13 hours of intensive learning with the pioneers of MSI!

Download Schedule

Recommended Reading:

  • Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spine by Shirley Sahrmann and Associates

  •  Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes by Shirley Sahrmann

  • Muscles: Testing and Function, with Posture and Pain by Florence Peterson Kendall and Elizabeth Kendall McCreary (5th edition)
  • Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System: Foundation for Rehabilitation by Donald Neumann

Bring your MSI textbook(s) to St. Louis to get them autographed by the authors!


Required preparation:

All participants of this course will be expected to study the Upper Quarter Basics (free course) prior to attending the live event on 10/1/2022.


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You're getting so much value from this 2-day course!

This live event typically sells out very quickly, so secure your spot TODAY!  We have been approved by the California PT Association for 2.125 CEU's for this 2 day course.  That's like signing up for a 3-4 day course for the price of a 2-day course!  

ONSITE Participation


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  • 2:1 ratio lab experience as well as 
  • 10:1 ratio small group lab experience
  • 8 hours of pre-recorded lecture contents PLUS the 2-day recordings of lecture / demo for 3 months
  • Lunch included both days
  • Meet the world-class instructors in person
  • Free attendance for Dr. Gwendolen Jull's Sahrmann Lectureship event
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VIRTUAL Participation


Only 3 spots remaining

  • Front row view of all of the live demonstrations
  • Interactive breakout rooms to improve your movement analysis skill and clinical reasoning
  • 8 hours of pre-recorded lecture contents PLUS the 2-day recordings of lecture / demo for 3 months
  • Save on travel / hotel / meal costs
  • Freedom to ask questions in chat any time during the event
  • No stress for COVID
  • Free attendance for Dr. Gwendolen Jull's Sahrmann Lectureship event
Registration has closed


Best Value!

  • Whether you're participating onsite or virtually, invite two or more of your colleagues and get $50 off per person (GROUP RATE will be applied for 3 or more in a group)
  • Specific coupon code will be created for YOUR group
  • Please send inquiry to [email protected] to get your coupon code!
  • Free attendance for Dr. Gwendolen Jull's Sahrmann Lectureship event