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Upper Quarter Foundation Webinar Series

Learn Movement System is innovating the way you can learn the key principles of kinesiopathologic model!

This is a prerequisite to the June 2024 shoulder virtual course, if you have never taken a Movement System Syndromes course

What you'll get:

  • 5 live webinars (2 hours each) 
  • Bite-sized session so you can implement learned materials the next day 
  • Visually rich examples with photos and videos
  • Save $50 by committing to learn from all 5 webinars ($250 worth of content)
  • 10 hours of CEU
  • 3 months of recording access (until 8/27/2024 if purchased before 5/29/2024)

4/10/2024: The Movement System - What is it?  Why is it the identity of physical therapy? by Dr. Maiko Morotani

4/24/2024: Case presentation SHOULDER by Dr. Shirley Sahrmann

5/1/2024: Shoulder Biomechanics: stiffness and flexibility - it's all RELATIVE! by Dr. Andrew Piraino 

5/15/2024: Muscle performance in Movement System Syndromes - Neuromuscular Adaptations by Dr. Ann Crowe and Dr. Jesse Civello

5/29/2024: The Role of Motor Learning in Movement System Syndromes by Dr. Renee Roth Powers

All webinars will be from 7-9pm central time.