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Cancellation Policy:

You will receive unlimited recording access to all webinars and virtual courses starting from 3/4/2024.  If you decide to cancel ALL ACCESS before 5/15/2024, you will be refunded (minus $300 administrative fee) and your access to the course page will stop immediately.

If cancellation notice is received after 6/9/2024, there is no refund, and you will continue to be able to access the course page until the last day of your annual subscription.

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Annual subscription membership to Learn Movement System!  Get the best value on all webinars and virtual courses starting with 3/4/2024 knee webinar.

So far, we have the following virtual events scheduled, all included in your annual subscription!

  • Movement System Syndromes of the Knee ($75 value)
  • Movement System Syndromes of the Foot/Ankle ($75 value)
  • Upper Quarter Movement System Syndromes Foundation Webinar Series ($250 value)
  • Movement System Syndromes of the Shoulder ($450 value)
  • Shoulder evidence webinar ($50 value)
  • Movement System Syndromes of the Shoulder and Cervical Spine ($450 value)

In the past, Nexus Motion has provided individual registrations and bundle deals.  Starting in 2024, ALL ACCESS gives you the best value for elevating your ability to analyze and treat movement system syndromes.  Currently, we have $1,350 worth of courses planned.  Next year, there will be new topics covered!  It really is like the Netflix of Movement System.  We are aware that this is not the only place for you to get unlimited access to online courses.  What makes Learn Movement System so special is that every instructor understands the core theme of kinesiopathologic concepts. 

There's consistency throughout all the learning opportunities at Learn Movement System.  Important principles get reinforced as you navigate through different body parts.  That's the Learn Movement System advantage!

What you'll get:

  • Peace of Mind

    Registration to ALL virtual events starting 3/4/2024 (webinars, multi-day virtual courses) are included as part of your ALL ACCESS annual subscription plan.  Never worry if you forgot to register for the upcoming virtual event.  You're IN!

  • Expert Guidance

    We are expanding the content experts!  Consistently learn from the movement system professionals who provide insightful and practical knowledge.

  • Recording Access

    Unlike registering for individual courses that come with limited period of recording access, ALL ACCESS members do not have to worry about the expiration dates for the recordings!  The value of learning is in the reviews!  When your annual subscription is active, you can access all contents, starting from the 3/4/2024 webinar.

What is NOT included in ALL ACCESS:

  • ALL ACCESS annual subscription gives you tickets to all VIRTUAL events (webinars and multi-day virtual courses) starting from 3/4/2024 webinar.  To attend an onsite event, such as the shoulder / cervical spine course in St. Louis, or other onsite events in other cities, you must purchase the onsite ticket separately.  Past onsite participants know that you get spoiled when you come to onsite courses: swags, lunches, and of course, hands-on lab sessions!  
  • Virtual group coaching sessions (available for ALL ACCESS members only, for additional purchase)
  • Virtual one-on-one coaching sessions (available for ALL ACCESS members only, for additional purchase)